Domain 1.0 Setting Project Requirements Quiz

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  1. A category of intellectual property providing protection to the authors of

    fair use
    intellectual property
    derivative work

  2. What is the definition of intellectual property?

    a work or an invention that is the result of science
    a work or invention that is the result of creativity
    a work or invention that is the result of basic knowledge
    a work or invention that is the result of team work

  3. An image that can be used for a limited and transformative purpose is an example of...

    fair use
    intellectual property

  4. The use of the copyright notice is the responsibility of the ...

    copyright office
    copyright owner
    person requesting to use the work no one
    no one

  5. The copyright notice should contain...

    The symbol ©; the word Copyright; or the abbreviation Copr., and year it was published
    The name of the copyright owner
    The symbol ©; the word Copyright; or the abbreviation Copr., year it was published, and the name of the copyright owner
    the copyright symbol

  6. If a work is in the Public Domain, it means...

    You will find it at a public library.
    You have to pay for it online.
    You have to get the original copyright owners permission to use the work.
    The Term of copyright on the work has run out.

  7. As long as the operator of a fan web site for a TV show posts a big disclaimer saying that her site has not been approved by the TV show producers and that it is not being operated for commercial gain (meaning, she's not making any money on it), the fan can freely upload to her site any images, scripts, songs or clips from the show that she wants.

    As long as she is not making money from it then it is OK
    As long as she makes a disclaimer that it is not approved and not connected to the original show then it is OK
    Including disclaimers saying the site has not been approved and not trying to make money from it do not make it acceptable for Fair Use. The TV producers still have the right to allow or deny use of the clips and claim copyright violations.
    She can upload as many videos as she wants since it is a TV show and it helps promote the show!

  8. Which of the following is/are defense(s) to copyright Infringement?

    Fair Use
    I am giving the copyrigth holder credit
    I'm not charging money for it
    I didn't know there was a copyright

  9. For a work to be protectible under copyright, it must:

    Have warnings about copying the work clearly posted
    Be original and Fixed in a Tangible Form of Expression.
    Be of professional quality.
    Include a Copyright Notice.

  10. The Term of copyright for a work posted on a web site:

    Does not exist because the internet is part of the Public Domain so it is not protected by copyright.
    Depends upon whether a Copyright Notice is included on the web page on which the work appears.
    Lasts for the life of the author plus 50 years.
    Is the same as the Term would be if the work was originally Published in print or any other Medium. It lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years.

  11. Factors in determining whether a use of a copyrighted work is a Fair Use include:

    Amount of the work used.
    Effect on the commercial market for the work used.
    Purpose of the use.
    All of the above.

  12. If a Copyright Owner knows that someone is Infringing his copyright, he must take immediate action or lose his rights.

    He can wait up to one year to take action
    He cannot take action unless he has it registered with the copyright office
    There is not limit to the time he has before loosing his copyright claim. He can decide if he wants to claim a copyright violation whenever he wants.
    He has no rights to take any action as long as they requested to use the work from him.

  13. You wrote something and you want to send it to a writing contest. How would you copyright it?

    It isn't protected by the copyright law until you put a Copyright Notice at the bottom of the story.
    It already is protected by the copyright law once you have written it down because it is in Fixed in.
    It is never protected by the copyright law, because once you write it down, it becomes Public Domain
    It isn't protected by the copyright law until you register it with the U.S. Copyright Office.

  14. You just saw the coolest video clip on the internet. You want to download it and cut it into your own video.

    This is considered fair use so its ok
    You do not need to get permission from the copyright owner first
    Depending on how much of the video clip you use, you may be able to use a very small portion of the clip (fair use)
    Since it was posted on the Internet it is considered public domain and therefore you can use it.

  15. Is it possible for individual states to have their own copyright laws?

    Only some of the states have copyright laws
    State copyright laws outweigh Federal copyright laws
    Only the copyright holder determines the laws that apply
    Copyright law is federal law and is the same for the entire country, so individual states do not have the right to create their own laws

  16. Which of the following items can be copyrighted?

    Postings in a chat room
    The title of a song
    A website banner ad
    Computer software
    All the above

  17. What is the development process order?

    Planning - Designing - Testing - Building
    Designing - Planning - Testing - Building
    Planning - Designing - Building - Testing
    Planning - Testing - Designing - Building

  18. When working with your client to develope a design plan, which of the following is NOT important?

    clients knowlege of graphic design
    target audience
    project scope

  19. Why should you use sketches when describing design concepts to a client?

    a sketch gives you art that you can copyright and add to your portfolio
    a sketch provides a visual description that is easier for the client to understand
    to show a client how good you are in illustrating their design
    a sketch is more expensive to create and shows that you are a serious designer

  20. Why should you use sketches when describing design concepts to a client?

    a sketch shows off your design skills
    a sketch is more expensive then a formal document
    to show it can be copyrighted and protected
    a sketch is less expensive then a formal document

  21. What is the vanishing point in design?

    The point at which colors begin to fade in a design
    The point at which two elements cross or intersect
    The point at which two lines come to a point
    The point at which two parrallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge

  22. At the beginning of a project which one of the following tasks should a project manager NOT be responsible for?

    Identifying people that will be needed for the project
    Identifying devices that the project will be used on
    Identifying tasks that will be needed for the project
    Identifying project deadlines

  23. You decide to use a photograph from the web inside your project. When is it considered legal to do so?

    You have obtained permission from the copyright holder
    It is being used for Fair Use as part of a teacher's lesson plan
    The photograph is part of public domain
    All the above

  24. You are creating a set of collateral materials for a client (business card, logo, brochure). What is one of the first considerations before you get started?

    Target Audience
    Color themes
    How the collaterals will be distributed
    Budget and Project Deadlines