Domain 4.0 Create graphics using Adobe Illustrator

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  1. The eraser tool has three tools that can be used with it. What are those tools?

    eraser tool, knife tool, and scissor tool
    eraser tool, chop tool, and scissor tool
    eraser tool, knife tool, and slice tool
    eraser tool, cut tool, and scissor too

  2. You have an image that you want to trace in Illustrator, Which is the best tool for tracing the image in Illustrator

    the pencil tool
    the pen tool
    the paintbrush tool
    the line tool

  3. Which option is a vector drawing tool?

    Lasso tool
    magic wand
    pen tool
    slice tool

  4. Which of the following tools is not a vector drawing tool?

    smooth tool
    lasso tool

  5. What are three actions you can perform with symbols?

    move, scale, edit paths
    rotate, smooth, convert
    scale, rotate, ungroup
    move, scale, and rotate

  6. What are the stoke properties? (help me)

    weight, width, color, style, opacity
    color, weight, width, brush, and opacity,
    color, weight, width, transparency, and style
    color, style, width, brush, and opacity

  7. Why should you use slices when using illustrator? (help me)

    to define only text areas
    to define the different boundaries of different web elements in your artwork
    to define temporary cropping marks
    to define only areas that only holds images

  8. You have scanned a sketch and opened it into Illustrator. You want to trace the image and convert it to vector art. Which tool is the best option for tracing the sketch by hand in Illustrator?

    pen tool
    pencil tool
    paint brush tool
    ellipse tool

  9. When you scan an image or photograph using a scanner what is the image format of the scanned image when you open it inside an application such as Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign? (help me)

    AI image
    PSD image
    Vector image
    Raster image